• Post date: 21/06/2022 - 12:05

    Job Vacancy for alumni PGSD UNY

    Pedagogia Elementary School requires alumni teachers from Yogyakarta State University (UNY) graduates to become teachers in schools managed by the Department of Elementary School Education of UNY. One of the selected teacher candidates is expected to have the appropriate educational background to handle the elementary school.

    Registration Information : Nurul (081229180590)

    Registration closes June 23, 2022

  • Post date: 21/06/2022 - 11:52

    Congratulations on the Achievement of the Title of Professor

    The entire academic community of Yogyakarta State University (UNY) Primary School Education Department (PSD) Elementary School Teacher Education Study Program (PGSD) wish you "Congratulations & Success to Prof. Dr. Ali Mustadi, M.Pd". On the achievement of the position of Professor / Professor in the Field of Language Learning Strategies in Elementary Schools.

  • Post date: 23/03/2022 - 21:05


    <Halo Friends >

    In order to welcome the 58th Anniversary of UNY, UNY Students, Information Technology Division and Technology Engineering UKM presented a Digital Technology Innovation Work Competition for Education. This competition was held to prepare the best contingent in the Student Digital Innovation Competition (LIDM) held by the National Achievement Center to improve Soft Skills and technological literacy.

    There are 2 categories of competition including:

    1. Innovative Slide Contest (Guide https://...

  • Post date: 15/03/2022 - 13:18

    Job Vacancy: For PGSD Alumni

    PT Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park (IMIP) need 7 (Seven) alumny Yogyakarta State University (UNY) to becomes Teacher Graduate School in a school managed by PT IMIP. One of the selected teacher candidates is expected to have an educational psychology background to be in charge of handling SMK, SD and PAUD. Registration : https://s.id/LowonganIMIP More info : Aji ( 0852-9000-9001) Mungad ( 0897-8011-881) Registration closes...

  • Post date: 14/03/2022 - 10:22

    Virtual Pre Job Training 2022

    Please for Alumni who want to get insight, knowledge and information related to Pre Job Training.

    Let's join and follow the event virtually. Hopefully provide benefits.


    Organizer of LPPMP UNY

  • Post date: 01/03/2022 - 14:46

    ### Hello, Indonesian Students ###
    Ekonomic Faculty UNY X UKMF KRISTAL Researche
    Proudly Present⁣s :

    With Topic "Membangun Kepekaan Generasi Muda Terhadap Isu Permasalahan Tanah Air sebagai Bentuk Realisasi SDGs Menuju Indonesia Emas 2045"

    => Benefit :
       > champion number 1: E-certificate + The coaching fee is Rp2.000.000
       > champion number 2: E-certificate + The coaching fee is Rp1.500.000 ...